Godless Savages

You'll Get Hatemail For This...

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This is a Community for the Swine. The ones who refuse to be victims of the dogmatism of the politically correct; the Christian right wing. We are the ones who have true opinions.

We are the Free Thinkers. The Twisted Sex freaks. The last in line. The loudest in class. The Slacker. The Oddball.

We are a generation of Godless Savages, and no book is going to tell us anything. We're Going to decide for ourselves, we're going to live our own lives and think our own thoughts.

and fuck the Nazis/Republicans that don't like it.

anybody is welcome to join and post, just don't expect everybody to be nice to you if you have nothing intelligent or at least interesting/entertaining to say.

So what do we do?
well generally we post news stories that are too fucking stupid to be true.. but are true usually.

although I'm sure we do other things too.. I mean, we're all multifaceted human beings right?

(a relax_guy community)